L.O.S. (Leading Others in Service)

To encourage leadership, civic engagement and competition in and around electoral politics, I have spent hours with others creating an eight week course to help prepare candidates, campaign operatives and civic leaders to understand and lead both electoral and civic campaigns. Each cohort will be intentionally small and provide adequate time for Q&A and sharing.Continue reading “L.O.S. (Leading Others in Service)”

How I got to therapy

I didnt just hear about therapy and was like, word, that sounds good, let me check it out. I offer you parts of my life that led me to use therapy/counseling as a tool to better understand myself, my feelings, behaviors and moods. This episode was inspired by a brother named Steven from Roxbury. TheContinue reading “How I got to therapy”

I ain’t really #madatthehashtag

When thinking about my encounters and battles with racists and racism… “At times, I feel sad, hurt, upset, angry and helpless. At times, I feel like I’m going insane in an effort to maintain my sanity. At times, I feel tired. Sometimes, I then  beat myself up mentally for feeling this way. I’m tired ofContinue reading “I ain’t really #madatthehashtag”