Cowards, care and concern.

Here’s what I noticed about Boston’s Twitter trolls. They are mostly anonymous, casting aspersions while hiding their identity. I find it cowardly. What I find interesting is the ones who only know of me through reading about the false charges I was convicted of. Now, dont get me wrong, they have the right to acceptContinue reading “Cowards, care and concern.”

Boston’s politics, personalities and engagement…(PSA)

Let me start by saying that what you are about to read are my thoughts and opinions and as always you have the choice to read, disagree, disregard, accept, believe what you want. I’ve spent my 41.5 years calling Boston home. Politics/civics has been in my household since I was a child. I’ve worked forContinue reading “Boston’s politics, personalities and engagement…(PSA)”

Don’t be a “political chump”

Allow me to get my political pundit on… We’ll start at the top of the pyramid. The presidency. About 50% of Americans vote. 2 candidates then campaign for the majority of those ballots = the popular vote. Then there is the electors aka electoral college. But by the time you reached college age whether youContinue reading “Don’t be a “political chump””

Heroin in Roxbury’s Clifford Park

Half a block away from the City of Boston’s 1010 Mass Ave location and Boston’s Public Health Commission sits Clifford Park. Clifford Park is a wonderful expanse of land. On it sits 2 tot lots, 2 baseball diamonds, a tennis court, basketball court and practice football field. This field is used by many area residentsContinue reading “Heroin in Roxbury’s Clifford Park”

Galvanization, legislation & stagnation

The question was: What’s the inside scoop on galvanizing fellow legislators to push bills and pass legislation. What’s the low down on what you are not able to actually vote on. How much stuff from inner city legislators get kiboshed in committees? Why are some politicians in positions for decades and very rarely co/sponsor legislation (noContinue reading “Galvanization, legislation & stagnation”