Dear Sheriff Tompkins


Dear Sheriff,

I initially shook my head when I saw you post this. I wondered to myself if you are willfully ignorant of the fallacy you offered or whether you remain unaware.

I wondered as Suffolk county sheriff, if this is your lens, how much empathy and understanding you possess around civil unrest.

Then I looked to see all the people liking the post, many of whom would have probably at a minimum verbally assaulted Rosa Parks if they were on the bus. Because you and they seem to be all about “the law”. Whether just or not.

I get it though, you are now a law man.

I call this post bullshit. Rosa Parks is displaying a defiant act of civil unrest. She was met with violence. But you, through this post portray it as her peace created a peaceful resolution.  Bullshit.

It took over a year of a community boycotting and marching and carpooling and walking miles to work to change the racist policy. But you dishonor that sacrifice, that pursuit of justice with a graphic that almost trivialized the risk she is taking by just sitting.

I know, and I hope you know if Rosa Parks had set that bus a blaze, she probably been killed or critically wounded.

But here you offer her as a docile black woman when in fact she and others before her are taking a defiant risk so your ass could choose a seat.

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