L.O.S. (Leading Others in Service)

To encourage leadership, civic engagement and competition in and around electoral politics, I have spent hours with others creating an eight week course to help prepare candidates, campaign operatives and civic leaders to understand and lead both electoral and civic campaigns. Each cohort will be intentionally small and provide adequate time for Q&A and sharing.

The information shared has been gathered and practiced for over 20 years on the ground experience in various capacities not limited to but including (customer service management, training specialist, volunteer, board chair person, candidate, legislator, consultant) on electoral and civic campaigns.

This effort is separate from any private consulting offered to clients through http://www.CH2group.com

If you are interested in a seat in this or future cohorts, please email me: Los@stillreppin.com

There are less than 5 seats left for our cohort beginning Tuesday December 15, 2020

more background:

I currently operate a small consulting company called CH2 Group.

I have been in and around civics and politics for most of my middle aged life in Boston and parts of Massachusetts. As I previously mentioned, along the way before I crossed from civics to electoral politics, I was the benefactor of a training course that delved into many different elements of campaigning, public life, governing and more.

After speaking to past instructors and participants, I am offering to share much of that training as well as my personal experiences.

To quantify some of my experience I will list the types of campaigns I’ve been a part of:

  • Carlos Henriquez Boston City Council District 7 (2007)
  • Carlos Henriquez Boston City Council District 7 (2009)
  • Carlos Henriquez State Representative 5th Suffolk District (2010)
  • Carlos Henriquez State Representative 5th Suffolk District (2012)
  • Carlos Henriquez Boston City Council (2017)
  • Michael Flaherty Boston City Council At-large (2005) Roxbury coordinator
  • Deval Patrick Campaign for Governor (2006) Canvasser, coordinator
  • Frank Baker Boston City Council District 3 (2011) – cabinet and ward 15 coordinator
  • Linda Dorcena-Forry State Senator 1st Suffolk District (2012)
  • John Barros for Mayor (2013 primary) – kitchen cabinet
  • Marty Walsh for Mayor (2013 final) – kitchen cabinet
  • Liz Miranda State Representative 5th Suffolk District (2018)
  • Rachael Rollins District Attorney Suffolk County (2018)
  • Numerous others

Each campaign is different from the last but all of them with the same structures, systems and similar goals. It is the aim of this training to educate you on these and make them easier for you to navigate.

for more info: Los@stillreppin.com

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