Cowards, care and concern.

Here’s what I noticed about Boston’s Twitter trolls. They are mostly anonymous, casting aspersions while hiding their identity. I find it cowardly.

What I find interesting is the ones who only know of me through reading about the false charges I was convicted of. Now, dont get me wrong, they have the right to accept every verdict as fact if they so choose. Foolish in my opinion but hey. They often use one of the most painful parts of my life to try to shame me or someone connected to me in some way usually political. Like Senator Elizabeth Warren or Mayor Walsh.

What I find sadly ironic is that these men and women making these comments about me, after looking extensively through their posts, rarely ever speak about preventing domestic violence or women’s rights. But they will make it seem as though they are an ally to the cause when the truth of the matter is that me and the topic is only being used as fodder in a mostly anonymous political shame game.

I am comfortable talking about preventing domestic violence. I’m more comfortable and more knowledgeable after being falsely accused and wrongly convicted than when I was a State Representative cohosting White Ribbon day at the State House with a NOW endorsement. I speak with friends, have spoken at schools and programs and offered to partner with advocacy groups like Jane Doe.

I know who I am. I know the truth. I will not cower from the conversation. I will not accept responsibility nor apologize for something I did not do. In my opinion, that is stupid. I will aggressively defend myself from slander and mischaracterization. And I will continue to advocate for the people, community and causes I care about.

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