Less opinion, More facts

You hear the opinions. The increase in negativity you feel around you. Maybe you are old enough to remember and enjoy the quiet pre-internet. You remember when you didn’t know what people who are more associate or familiar strangers ate for dinner or what they were thinking about politics. Less white noise. Things were more quiet.Continue reading “Less opinion, More facts”

The Struggle

If you knew me before reading this or even know of me you may know that I have been struggling. However, my struggle is just a small slice of the pie. I’ve been thinking of “the struggle”. If you are unaware of what “the struggle” is, then this message isn’t for you. This weekend pastContinue reading “The Struggle”

Falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, unconstitutionally expelled

I wanted to share my personal struggles. Not just for me but for men and women who may be dealing with similar issues. http://www.dotnews.com/2014/falsely-convicted-henriquez-now-looking-inward ‘Falsely convicted’ Henriquez is now looking inward By Lauren Dezenski Sep. 25, 2014 Carlos Henriquez: Shown in a public event before his conviction, the former state rep is now focusing onContinue reading “Falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, unconstitutionally expelled”